Hard work breeds success

What does it take to have a good career? In this modern age, it takes more than just a high school diploma. Yes, high school diplomas are essential to move on to college, but what does it take to get my degree? Hard work. After taking courses including business administration, marketing and psychology, I decided […]

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I am Finally Getting a Degree

getting a degree

I have always been told that having a degree is very important. I have always been told that I would have a better chance at getting the career of my dreams if I had a degree. I did not want to listen because I was having too much fun with my life. I was going […]

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Personal Tips about Scholarships


I remember my days of trying to get the money for college. One such way to pay for this great experience which is supposed to get you further in life is with the help of scholarships. There are all sorts of them out there. However, there are tips I have learned when trying to get […]

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The One Conversation That Changed My Life

changed life

Since I graduated high school, I have worked odd jobs; retail, waitressing and bartending have been my staples. While these have been fun jobs, they have not paid well and they were never supposed to be my career. Two years ago, I had a customer who encouraged me to pursue a degree program. He told […]

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