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Getting My Degree in Graphic Design

The type of work that I used to do and have always done since high school was mediocre at best. It allowed me to bring in a small amount of income, but it was never enough to truly sustain me or enable me to feel comfortable about what I was earning. This is what got me into thinking that I needed some type of degree, and after a friend mentioned to me that they were also interested in graphic design, I began to look into going to Florida graphic arts schools in the area.

The Texas graphic designer schools that I found would allow me to go to school for my degree either at their local campus or even on the Internet, depending on what was the right choice for me. It was an educational change that I needed to make in order to better myself as someone who needed better income and a more stable job. Working from one job to the next was something I was ultimately done doing for myself.

I love the fact that there are tons of design schools scattered all over the country just because of the fact that this makes it easy for anyone to find what they need no matter where they happen to be living. You can find California graphic arts schools or some even in Texas, Georgia or Michigan. It makes it simple for people to begin pursing the career they love without the constraints of moving or changing locations.

Once I began to truly look into Michigan graphic design degrees and other state schools, I realized how popular this particular field of work really was and how quickly it was growing each day. I knew that graphic design was a good field to get into because of its growth potential, but I never knew how in-demand the field was and how simple it was to obtain a degree in order to begin on this career path.

By looking more into the California LaborMarketInfo – The Economy, it allowed me to learn more about the art of graphic design as well as income potentials if I decided to get into the field. It is a degree that I am still in pursuit of and am happy to begin doing once I graduate. I know that this is the right career switch for me because of all that it offers to those who get into it.

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Hard work breeds success

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What does it take to have a good career? In this modern age, it takes more than just a high school diploma. Yes, high school diplomas are essential to move on to college, but what does it take to get my degree? Hard work.

After taking courses including business administration, marketing and psychology, I decided to pursue a career in marketing, because i thought that every company out there needs good marketers. Education is the best starting out because my high school diploma will only take me so far. One of the most important things that I find makes me successful is honesty, and being a hard worker. There are basically two types of career development – they include education and work history. Education alone will get me in the door to an entry level marketing job, but it is the job experience that will help me climb the ladder to success.

I never realized that visualizing a career is important to start doing in middle school. While high school was my time to mature and make the best grades I could just to get in the college of my choice, it is actually middle school where I should have started formulating an idea about my future.

It can seem like an insurmountable task to make a career choice when you don’t know what you want to do. In my situation, I had to assess my strengths before I made this decision. I looked at my interests first, then worked hard to improve my skillset, while all the while maintaining my values. I found that my strengths were in public relations in that I could promote a product or company and that is what led me to my choice in marketing. I understood the main points to make about how I should get that product in front of people and thereby show how the product I was promoting could help them.

I was interested in a career that would last, not one that would become obsolete after a few years. I found that with each passing year, the internet and social media could be my biggest asset in marketing and promoting a company. As a centralized figure, the internet reaches my key market audience through email marketing, Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media that helps me get the word out.

Education is important to help you evaluate the skills that you are strongest in, so that your future will be what you make it!

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I am Finally Getting a Degree

getting a degree

I have always been told that having a degree is very important. I have always been told that I would have a better chance at getting the career of my dreams if I had a degree. I did not want to listen because I was having too much fun with my life. I was going out all the time, partying, and just living my life. But, as time as gone by and I have started to see my friends get more serious about their lives and careers, I have started to realize that I cannot party my life away. If I want to have a family and settle down one day, I need to get more serious about my life also.

It is not like I am going to stop partying, I mean life is meant to be enjoyed, but I just realized that I needed to stop and figure out what I really wanted to do with my life. I realized that some of my friends who had gotten their degrees were already looking to buy a house, purchasing incredible cars, and putting money away in savings. I was proud of myself if I paid my bills on time each month. I was living a very different kind of life and I realized that I did not want to live that way anymore.

I feel excited and proud of myself to finally be going back to school to get my degree. Some of my party friends cannot believe it. I still cannot believe it at moments. After all, I was always the person who out drank everyone at the bars and clubs and was the person who was always up for a fun night on the town. But, now everything will have to change. I will need to study and get serious and I will most likely not be going out to party for a while.

My friends with degrees have reassured me that I am doing the right thing and they will be there to support me. They tell me that I will be so happy and that my life will change for the better after I get my degree. When I look at their beautiful homes and see their great offices, I believe them. I finally believe that all my dreams can and will come true. Anything worth anything involves hard work, and I am ready!

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Personal Tips about Scholarships


I remember my days of trying to get the money for college. One such way to pay for this great experience which is supposed to get you further in life is with the help of scholarships. There are all sorts of them out there. However, there are tips I have learned when trying to get scholarships for my own schooling.

While it might seem like common sense, there are some who forget this tip. The biggest thing you must know is to read all the instructions for any scholarship you might be going for. Deadline is a big thing. If you don’t get it in on time, they don’t pay your entry any attention. This is not something you want to put off until the last minute. There are some that have quite a few parts to completing the entry. You must be sure to complete all these steps. Give yourself plenty of time to do this.

Something else that you must know is where to look for them. There are scholarships for everything ranging from being a red head to being in a certain club. Look outside of the school. Do a search online. You would be surprised at what you might find. Take a chance even if you aren’t too sure about if you will get it or not. Go for as many as you would like. So many people just limit themselves. When you do this, you find that you limit your chances of saving yourself some money when it comes time to furthering your education.

You have to make yourself stand out. When you are beginning to apply for a scholarship, you must remind yourself that there are tons of other people who are going for the same one. In order to grab their attention and award you with the money, you have to make your self stand out. Whatever it is you have to do; be sure to put your best behind your work.

These are just some of the personal tips I have found to work in my favor. I hope they work in yours as well. Some of the payouts if you get the scholarship are quite big. Some aren’t that much, but just remember, every bit helps.

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The One Conversation That Changed My Life

changed life

Since I graduated high school, I have worked odd jobs; retail, waitressing and bartending have been my staples. While these have been fun jobs, they have not paid well and they were never supposed to be my career. Two years ago, I had a customer who encouraged me to pursue a degree program. He told me to go to college and earn my degree because he knew I could be much more than just a bartender.

I always wanted to go to college but never thought I had the means or the time to do it. I figured I needed to quit my job and focus just on my studies but little did I know what would lie ahead of me. My online campus allows me to study on my own time, all online. I still talk to my instructor and participate in class discussions but they are online, not in person, it is like a chat room for school. My Pell Grants relieve most of the financial parts of my education. They are federally funded grants that do not need to be paid back, unlike student loans.

In the last two years, I have earned my Associate degree in criminal justice. I am currently working on my Bachelors which will lead the way for my entrance into law school which will give me my end goal; a law degree so I can become an attorney. I am thrilled and excited to go from a minimum wage bartender to a full-time day job that I can be proud of, one where I can earn the salary I never even dreamed of before and one that will show others that just because you had a slow start to college, there is always time to get the degree you have always wanted.

Currently, I am able to work with my local law enforcement agency as a Parole Officer since I have my Associates degree in Criminal Justice. I now earn a higher than average salary while continuing my education and earning my next degree. As I climb the educational ladder, my salary rises even while staying in my current position. Additionally, if the time ever comes that I am no longer eligible for the Pell Grant, my employer will help offset my tuition through their tuition assistance program. I am also eligible for scholarships due to my high GPA and experience in the field. It is amazing to me that what one bar patron said to me completely changed my outlook on not only my education and prospective degree but on my life as a whole.

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